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         Lisa Nothardt and Diane DeStefano

Lisa Nothardt - Diane DeStefano

Lisa Nothardt

Lisa Nothardt is a licensed Cosmetologist who has been working exclusively in the Hair Replacement industry for more than 25 years. She began her career training in Boston, Mass with a well renowned company, HRS (Hair Replacement Systems).  Lisa’s intense training led her to be the most requested stylist and top technician in a very short time.

Relocating to California led her to a major player in the hair replacement world near the Los Angeles/West Hollywood area where she continued to train in advanced hair cutting techniques, training new stylists and advancing in her career. Lisa's most inspiring moments were when she was selected to create hairstyles for A-List celebrities. Lisa's passion for the industry was fueled by learning more about the construction of human hair systems, seeking the best possible quality human and synthetic hair, and researching top quality manufactures throughout the industry.

Blending and creating the most natural look for people on and off camera was her main focus. "Working with celebrities was most challenging and most rewarding at the same time", Lisa claims.

Moving to Ft. Lauderdale in 1993 not only brought her closer to her family, but also gave her the opportunity to work side by side with Charles Alfieri, world renowned creator and patent holder of the Natural Lace Hairline.

For the next 18 years, Lisa proved her skills again and again by leading the company in sales and service for 17 consecutive years.

Now, Lisa is the #1 Hair Replacement Technician at Hair Solutions in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Her long-time leadership and professional skills are executed every time she designs a new system for her clientele. "Anyone can put a hair replacement on someone, but the design and haircut must be perfect for it to look and feel like it's really their own hair", Lisa says.

Her clients will say the same. "No one can do my hair like Lisa, before I felt like people were always looking at me and noticing that I wore a hair system, now I have the confidence knowing that it looks like it's growing from my scalp." (E.R, client) 

Additionally, Lisa is a specialist in hair color. For 20 years, the Redken color line has been her product of choice. Lisa says, “When it comes to human Hair Replacement Systems, we need to have a color that will last and look natural.”

Lisa currently resides in South Florida where she enjoys spending time with her daughter, Lizett, cruising along Ft. Lauderdale beach on her Vespa and taking long walks with her three dogs. 

Diane DeStefano

Diane DeStefano obtained her Cosmetology license 27 years ago in New Jersey where she began her career in Hair Replacement.  While studying at Montclair State University, Diane worked as a hair replacement technician for JA Alternatives under the tutelage of Jane Genesi owner of the nationally known company, JA Alternatives.  Learning the business from the inside out allowed her to earn her title as Manager of one of the largest and most successful hair replacement companies in New York and New Jersey.  During the course of her career, Diane travelled all over the USA doing stage work at International Beauty Expo’s in major cities including Chicago, Long Beach, Sacramento, New Orleans, Miami, New York, Dallas, Nashville and Boston.  Diane was exposed to the most innovative hair replacement techniques and intense, advanced Hair cutting classes.  Her training from Jingles international NYC was “the most challenging and exciting training class I ever attended”.

Shortly after earning her Bachelor’s degree in English and Journalism, Diane was promoted to Operations Manager and exceeded sales and service quotas for more than 6 years.  Diane has been in the position to train and mentor stylists in New York and New Jersey and now in South Florida.

A move to South Florida brought Diane to Charles Alfieri Studios where she further honed her skills in the art of expertly tailoring and customizing Hair Replacement Systems. Trained by Charles Alfieri, Diane was able to enhance her resume by adding seven years of providing expert handling of clients in south Florida. Her desire to make people feel comfortable in their personal decision to improve their appearance as well as her long-time experience is what separates her from the competition.

 “I believe this is such a personal choice when a client wishes to improve their appearance by adding hair. They deserve to have a compassionate approach while making that decision. Once they feel comfortable with me, they will feel even more comfortable with themselves,” Diane says.

Watching the transformation of thinning hair to a natural looking full head of hair is what motivates Diane. Providing the best possible solution by listening to the client’s request and then choosing the most appropriate style based on the person’s age, lifestyle and personality are all considered when designing the perfect look. 

“From the initial consultation to the completion of the service, it is my main goal to achieve not only the right look, but to restore someone’s confidence that may have been lost due thinning hair. Adding a little hair can make all the difference in someone’s life and it is my responsibility to help them regain that confident feeling,” Diane says.

Diane lives in South Florida with her husband, Santo, and their two daughters.  During her time outside of the salon, Diane enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her family.

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